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Build APIs in 5 minutes not weeks

GraphJin is an automagical GraphQL to SQL compiler. Just write your query in simple GraphQL we'll deliver the data. Built in GO. Use as a library or a standalone service.
[ Formerly known as Super Graph ]

Fast queries

Query or update your database with simple GraphQL. Deeply nested queries and mutations are supported

Realtime subscriptions

Subscribe to a query and instantly get all related updates in realtime

Database discovery

Just point at adatabase and we're good to go. Works with Postgres and the distributed Yugabyte DB

Access control

An allow list controls what queries run in production. Additionally role and attribute based access control can be used

Build fast

Out of the box support for infinite scroll, threaded comments, activity feed and othr common app patterns

Full-text search

Leverage the powerful full-text search capability of Postgres for search and auto-complete


Support for JWT, Firebase, Rails cookie and other authentication mechanisms

High Performance

Designed ground up to be lightning fast and highly scalable. Built in Go

Not a startup

GraphJin is a pure Apache licensed open source project with a fast growing community

Brian Ketelsen, Co-organizer Gophercon & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Vikram, Postgres Build 2020 Presentation