A new kind of ORM
APIs in 5 mins. not weeks!

Are you tired of spending endless hours coding and maintaining custom APIs for your applications? Try GraphJin, a totally new way to building complex database backed apps 100X faster.

How does it work?

Just write simple GraphQL queries to define the data you need and GraphJin will auto-magically convert them into efficient SQL queries and fetch the data you need.

What does it support?

Works with NodeJS and GO. Supports Postgres, MySQL, Yugabyte, AWS Aurora/RDS and Google Cloud SQL

npm i graphjincontent_copy
  • Start
    Quick guide to getting started
  • Query
    Query tables, Nested queries, Cursor pagination, Sorting, Searching, Using functions
  • Insert
    Insert into a table, Multiple related tables, Bulk insert
  • Update
    Update rows in a single table, Multiple related tables, Array columns, Upsert, JSON columns
  • Subscribe
    Use subscriptions to get notified when the query result changes
  • Cheatsheet
    Validation, Roles, Access Control, GraphQL directives, Config options
  • Specials
    Graph queries, Array columns, Remote joins, etc
  • NodeJS
    Using the Javascript API
  • GO
    Using the GO API
  • Service
    Using GraphJin as a standlone service
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions